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Hall Of Fantasy League – Summary Rules 2021

Hall Of Fantasy League – Summary Rules

The following rules shall govern gameplay for the inaugural 2021 season.

  • Overview

The Hall Of Fantasy League (HOFL) will consist of ten (10) Franchises, in two (2) divisions, located and named as follows:

Chicago HogmolliesAtlanta Hot Wings
Las Vegas Pocket KingsBoston Barflies
Los Angeles SidekicksNew York Bodega Cats
Seattle HazeOhio Goats
Texas Y’allersPhiladelphia Powderkegs
  • HOFL Commissioner

Hall of Fame running back, and Denver Broncos legend Terrell Davis is the HOFL’s first Commissioner. As Commissioner, Davis will promote fair play and support the integrity of the HOFL. He will also serve as a media spokesperson for the HOFL, among other responsibilities.

  • Ensuring fair play and maintaining the integrity of the HOFL
  • Establishing rules of conduct and be allowed to set precedent regarding any form of collusion, improper conduct or other illicit behavior and imposing penalties as deemed necessary
  • Adjudicating disputes or conflicts between Franchises
  • Amendments regarding an immaterial or procedural change
  • Specific procedures relating to unplanned HOFL circumstances (e.g., NFL game rescheduling)
  • Oversight of all trades, solely to ensure non-collusion amongst GMs
  • Annual review of HOFL rules
  • Rosters

To ensure a high level of competition, HOFL rosters will be relatively large and have deeper benches than most traditional fantasy leagues. Each Franchise shall have a maximum roster consisting of twenty (20) players comprised of twelve (12) active or starting players in a weekly lineup during the season, and eight (8) inactive or bench players.

The active player roster is 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX, 1 SUPERFLEX, 1 K and 1 DEF. The inactive player roster can consist of any players.

  • HOFL Schedule

The HOFL will employ a Head-to-Head format, using a balanced schedule, based on total points scored for the week among active players.  The season schedule will be as follows:

Regular SeasonNFL Weeks 1-14
Wildcard 3 vs. 6, 4 vs. 5 (Division Winners receive Bye)NFL Week 15
Semifinals 1 vs. lowest remaining seed 2 vs. highest remaining seedNFL Week 16
HOFL Championship and Consolation GameNFL Week 17
  • Playoff Structure

Playoffs will start Week 15 of the NFL season and last for three (3) weeks ending Week 17 of the NFL season.  There will be six (6) Playoff Franchises, seeded as follows:

  1. The first division winner
  2. The second division winner
  3. First wildcard
  4. Second wildcard
  5. Third wildcard
  6. Fourth wildcard

All standings tiebreakers (both division winner and wildcard) will be resolved with the following procedure:

  • Best Overall Record
  • Highest Points Scored
  • Highest Points Against
  • Coin Flip

The Franchises seeded 3 and 6 will play each other in Week 15 as will the Franchises seeded 4 and 5.  After the Week 15 results, the Franchise seeded 1 will play against the lowest remaining seed, and the Franchise seeded 2 will play against the highest remaining seed.  The winners of Week 16 will play each other in the Championship game in Week 17. 

  • Draft, Rosters, Transactions

The HOFL draft will be conducted in a Snake-style format on August 15, 2021. Each Franchise makes its first-round pick based on a predetermined order as set forth below. When the first-round is over, the Franchise that picked last in the first-round picks first in the second-round. The Franchise that had the first pick in the first-round now has the last pick in the second-round and the first pick in the third-round. Prior to the inaugural draft, there will be a random drawing to determine the order in which the Franchises draft players.

The HOFL will use a standard FAAB (“free agent acquisition budget”) process for pickups. The original Waiver order will be the same as the Draft order since the #1 draft spot will also be the last pick of the draft. Throughout the Season players may go into a free agent pool when they are dropped by a Franchise or if they already exist in a free agent pool as they were never drafted.  These free agents may be acquired by a Franchise through the FAAB bidding process.  Each Franchise has a budget of $100 for the season. The minimum bid amount is $0. The Franchise that makes the most recent Waiver pickup is automatically moved to the last slot.

Trading between Franchises in-season is allowed up until the trading deadline of 11:59 pm EST on the Wednesday before the Sunday of Week 12. Trades are subject to HOFL review and approval by the Commissioner as maintaining the integrity of HOFL is of the utmost importance.  However, there is a strong presumption that GMs should be allowed to trade as they see fit regardless of other GM’s opinions.  A trade consummated by two (2) or more Franchises will be pending for no more than one (1) day before being finalized and approved. 

  • Scoring

The HOFL scoring settings are what is generally known as a Half PPR league or half a point per reception (.5ppr).

Passing Yards0.04 (1 per 25 Yards)
Passing TD4
Passing INT-2
Passing 2pt Conversion2
Rushing Yards0.1 (1 per 10 Yards)
Rushing TD6
Rushing 2pt Conversion2
Receiving Yards0.1 (1 per 10 Yards)
Receiving TD6
Receiving 2pt Conversion2
Fumble Lost-2
Extra Point (PAT) Made1
Extra Point (PAT) Missed-1
Field Goal Made3
Field Goal Missed-1
Points Per FG yard over 30.1
Defense/Special Teams
Points Against (0)10
Points Against (1-6)8
Points Against (7-13)6
Points Against (14-20)4
Points Against (21-27)2
Points Against (28-34)0
Points Against (35+)-2
Fumbles Recovered2
Fumbles Lost-2
Defensive or Special Teams TD6
Special Teams 2pt Conversion2


  • Weekly Lineup Deadline

The weekly lineup deadline is just before the NFL game time for each player.

  • Stakeholder Influence

GMs will regularly interact with Stakeholders on the platform about roster management decisions.  GMs are entitled to make the decisions but are encouraged to strongly consider Stakeholder sentiment as part of their decision-making process.