Just Announced: Hall of Fame Resort and Entertainment Company Announces Front Office Staff for the Hall Of Fantasy League’s Inaugural Season. Click for press release. 

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Hall Of Fantasy League – Summary Rules 2021

The following rules shall govern gameplay for the inaugural 2021 season.  Specific rules relating to roster composition, scoring, transactions, and other details will be released as we announce the HOFL GMs and other “Front Office” personnel.

  • Overview

The Hall Of Fantasy League (HOFL) will consist of ten (10) Franchises, in two (2) divisions, located and named as follows:

Chicago HogmolliesAtlanta Hot Wings
Las Vegas Pocket KingsBoston Barflies
Los Angeles SidekicksNew York Bodega Cats
Seattle HazeOhio Goats
Texas Y’allersPhiladelphia Powderkegs

Each team will be managed by a designated GM (and/or other Front Office personnel) who will be announced at a later date.

  • HOFL Commissioner

The HOFL will designate a Commissioner at a later date.  The Commissioner, in consultation with HOFL Management, will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring fair play and maintaining the integrity of the League
  • Establishing rules of conduct and be allowed to set precedent regarding any form of collusion, improper conduct or other illicit behavior and imposing penalties as deemed necessary
  • Adjudicating disputes or conflicts between Franchises
  • Amendments regarding an immaterial or procedural change 
  • Specific procedures relating to unplanned League circumstances (e.g., NFL game rescheduling) 
  • Review and approval of all trades, solely to ensure non-collusion amongst GMs
  • Annual review of League rules
  • Rosters

The specific HOFL inaugural roster format will be announced at a later date, in coordination with HOFL GMs.  To ensure a high level of competition, HOFL rosters will be relatively large and have deeper benches than most traditional fantasy leagues.

  • League Schedule

The HOFL will employ a Head-to-Head format, using a balance schedule, based on total points scored for the week among active players.  The season schedule will be as follows: 

Regular SeasonNFL Weeks 1-13
Wildcard 3 vs. 6, 4 vs. 5 (Division Winners receive Bye)NFL Week 14
Semifinals 1 vs. lowest remaining seed 2 vs. highest remaining seedNFL Week 15
League Championship and Consolation GameNFL Week 16
  • Playoff Structure

Playoffs will start Week 14 of the NFL season and last for three (3) weeks ending Week 16 of the NFL season.  There will be six (6) Playoff Teams, seeded as follows:

  • The first division winner
  • The second division winner
  • First wildcard
  • Second wildcard
  • Third wildcard
  • Fourth wildcard

All standings tiebreakers (both division winner and wildcard) will be resolved with the following procedure:

  • Best Overall Record
  • Highest Points Scored
  • Highest Points Against
  • Coin Flip

Teams seeded 3 and 6 will play each other in Week 14 as will Teams seeded 4 and 5.  After Week 14 results, Team 1 will play against the lowest remaining seed, and Team 2 will play against the highest remaining seed.  The winners of Week 15 will play each other in the Championship game in Week 16.  

  • Draft, Rosters, Transactions

The specific HOFL inaugural draft type and specific roster format will be posted at a later date, in coordination with our team GMs.  To ensure a high level of competition, HOFL rosters will be relatively large and have deeper benches than most traditional fantasy leagues.  The HOFL will use a standard FAAB (“free agent acquisition budget”) process for pickups.  

  • Scoring

Official player scoring details will be announced at a later date.

  • Weekly Lineup Deadline

Lineup deadline is just before the NFL gametime for each player.

  • Stakeholder Influence

GMs will regularly interact with Stakeholders on the platform about roster management decisions.  GMs are encouraged to strongly consider Stakeholder sentiment as part of their decision-making process.