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August 18, 2021

By Derek Siskin

It all started innocently enough a few years ago when I called my close friend and fantasy league rival, Mat, to talk to him about my fantasy team. As it turned out, he had no interest in discussing my fantasy team with me – and why would he? He had his own team to manage and deal with. This wasn’t some shocking revelation. The running joke with fantasy has always been that nobody cares about anyone else’s team aside from their own. But when Mat and I took a step back and really thought about it, we both agreed that it was a pretty significant limitation of the game that we loved. There had to be a way to combine fantasy with the best parts of sports fandom – the community, the chatter, and being part of a team that you could experience together with others.

So with those guiding thoughts, we set out to create a larger-scale, higher-stake, more socially fulfilling fantasy football league. One that could merge the financial upside that fantasy players are accustomed to, with the type of fandom and engagement that only exists in professional sports. A league that could produce compelling, differentiated content and a user experience unlike anything that has existed to this point in the fantasy space.

Fast-forward to today and what we’ve created is the Hall Of Fantasy League – the first national fantasy league that allows you to experience a fantasy team with a community of shared stakeholders. With franchises representing key markets throughout the country and managed by some of the top minds in the industry, we’ve built what we believe is a professionalized version of fantasy football.

Make no mistake about it, we didn’t create this league to replace your home leagues – the ones that you manage by yourself against your friends. We created it so that for once, you can join your friends and back the same fantasy team together. So that you could share in the highs and lows of your team as they compete each week with an entire community. So that instead of just getting the same type of “in a vacuum” fantasy advice and predictions that you receive from fantasy experts each year, you could glean completely unique insights from them as they actually manage a team throughout the season – and not just any old team, your team, the one you have a financial and emotional stake in.

Many people out there are wondering why you would want to participate in a fantasy league where you don’t have sole control over the decision-making of your team. But in the HOFL, you actually do have control – it’s just a different form of control. It starts with the ability to pick the team that you think has the best chance to win. Of course, in any fantasy league there are a variety of factors that will contribute to a team’s success; the roster configuration, the ongoing management, the transactions that are made and all the weekly start/sit decisions. So as a potential stakeholder, you’ll want do gather all the information necessary to make an informed decision on which franchise, roster and front office staff you want to back.

Once you become a stakeholder, the next form of control you’ll have is your team participation.  If you prefer to actively provide input, vote on key decisions and help influence the direction of your franchise, you’ll have the ability to do so. Or, if you want to sit back, kick your feet up and just watch as your front office does all the work, you can do that too. The bottom line is as a stakeholder in the HOFL, you get to dictate your fantasy experience at your own convenience and according to your own preferences. But just know that once you become a stakeholder, you’ll instantly become part of fantasy history and something bigger than yourself.

As far as content goes, every week we’ll cover the league through written posts, livestream videos and the HOFL Podcast to provide commentary and analysis on all the roster moves, waiver pickups and trades. We’ll get into the minds of our GMs to find out the rationale behind their decisions and get nuanced fantasy perspectives from Team Captains who played in the league. If you’re looking for the same type of statistical player analysis that you can find on any reputable fantasy outlet, that’s not what the HOFL is. The HOFL is meant to be different and provide content that is specific to its league, its teams, its GMs and its stakeholders.

I find myself intrigued by how this will all play out. The different personalities, storylines and managerial styles. Which front offices will be more receptive to input from their stakeholders than others? Which stakeholders will organically become valued members of their franchises – and even potentially ascend to front office roles themselves in future seasons!

This is only the beginning but we’re so excited to embark on what we believe is the next era of fantasy sports. We hope you’ll join us for this unique journey. So buckle up, enjoy the ride and welcome to the inaugural season of the HOFL!