Hall Of Fantasy League

The HOFL will launch in Fall 2021 with ten franchises representing key geographic markets throughout the US.

The League The League

• 10 teams regionally based in key U.S. locations.
• Each franchise managed by a GM/Front Office consisting of fantasy experts and former NFL players.
• League format, structure and rules to be disclosed in Spring 2021.
• Front Offices influenced and accountable to respective team stakeholders.

How It Works How It Works

• In the coming months, we’ll announce HOFL franchise locations, identities, and the prominent fantasy experts that will manage their rosters.
• Soon after, you’ll have the opportunity to Stake the Front Office team of your preference so that you can potentially share in their winnings.
• Once on board, you’ll instantly become part of an exclusive community of stakeholders that can share rooting and financial interests.
• Throughout the season, you’ll influence decision-making, including key roster moves and communicate directly with your team’s Front Office to voice opinions and gain valuable insights.

Why Join Why Join

• Wish you could share your fantasy experience with others? Stake a franchise with friends, family, even your entire home league and play fantasy on the same team for the first time!
• Tired of consuming your fantasy content in a vacuum? Enjoy dynamic video, audio, and written content that’s all centered around the HOFL and the HOFL only. Period.
• Don’t have the time to devote to managing a fantasy team? Delegate the day-to-day decisions to the pros and sit back, watch and enjoy like Bob Kraft.
• More of a control freak than you’d like to admit? Then persuade the pros to your way of thinking, affect change, and meddle without hesitation like Jerry Jones.

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