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    What is HOFL?

    HOFL stands for Hall of Fantasy League. It is everything you love about fantasy football in one place – team, community, and individual competition! As part of The HOFL you get to:

    • Cheer for your favorite franchise
    • Play in a season-long competition against others in the community for cash prizes 
    • Gain exclusive access to insider tips from premier fantasy analysts
    What is Legendary Lineups?

    Legendary Lineups is The HOFL Season II season-long, free-to-play contest. You can win a cash prize if your Legendary Lineup outscores the competition! For more details about how to play, we invite you to watch a short clip here.

    How long is the season?

    Join us for 16 weeks of fantasy football action!

    When does the season begin?

    The season begins during week 1 of the official NFL season.

    How to play Legendary Lineups?
    • Step 1 – Download the HOFL  App.
    • Step 2 – Pick your favorite franchise (prior to the start of the official NFL season).
    • Step 3 – Set your weekly lineup. 
      • Select 1 player per tier.
      • There are 8 tiers with 12 players to choose from.
      • Follow the leaderboard to see if you outscored the other entrants in your huddle.
    How are the tiers selected?

    The tiers will be set each week by HOFL. Selecting players for each tier will be based on: 

    • Prior week(s) performance
    • Player matchups
    • Player projected scores
    • Injuries
    • Bye weeks
    What is a huddle?

    A huddle is another term for your followed franchise. 

    Who are the GMs?

    The GMs are NFL analysts, who are experts in fantasy football. They participate in The HOFL by drafting a franchise for the community to follow. When you select your franchise, you gain exclusive access to fantasy football content created by your GM.  They’ll share their thoughts on who’s hot, who’s not, and the musts & busts players. The GMs will also compete against each other for the HOFL Season II crown and bragging rights as the Ultimate Fantasy Football Guru.

    How do I choose a franchise?

    When you download The HOFL App, you will be prompted to choose a franchise to follow.

    Once the 1st game of the official NFL season begins, you will not be able to change your followed franchise.

    Can I choose multiple franchises?

    No, you have the opportunity to select only one franchise. You are together for 16 weeks of action…so choose wisely!

    What are the accepted forms of payment?

    The accepted forms of payment include:

    • Credit Card
    • PayPal
    How do I receive my winnings?

    Collect your winnings through your choice of:

    • Apple Wallet
    • HOFL/Mountaineer Direct
    Is there a way to communicate with other followers, GMs, etc?

    Yes, we love when the community connects! The HOFL App has a chat feature, so you can talk with other contest entrants and your franchise GM.

    Where can I purchase merchandise?

    To purchase merchandise, visit Wear your franchise colors proudly on game days!

    Who can I contact for help?

    For additional information, contact us