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Follow a Franchise

Looking for a team who represents your hometown? Is the team’s GM your favorite fantasy football analyst or do you just love the team mascot? Whatever the reason, pick a franchise to start your Legendary Lineup.

Remember: Franchises are locked in once the official NFL season starts, so choose wisely!


Set Your Lineup

Each week set your own Legendary Lineup by picking one player from each of the eight tiers.

Edit lineups, gain insights and view standings all in the App.

For more about the tiers format, click here.


Scoring Chart

Passing TD
+4 pts
25 Passing Yards
+1 pts
(0.04 pts per yard)
300+ Yard Passing Game
+3 pts
-1 pts
Rushing TD
+6 pts
10 Rushing Yards
+1 pts
(0.1 pts per yard)
100+ Rushing Game
+3 pts
Receiving TD
+6 pts
100+ Yard Receiving Game
+3 pts
10 Receiving Yards
+1 pts
(0.1 pts per yard)
+1 pts
Special Teams TD
+6 pts
Fumble Lost
-1 pts
Offensive Fumble Recovery Touchdown
+6 pts
2 Point Conversion
+2 pts
Local Legends Bonus*
+3 pts per player

How to Win

  • Scoring Points

    Your lineup points are accumulated based on each player’s real-life performance on the field. The total points of all of your lineup players are calculated throughout the season contest to create your final score.

  • Bonus: Double Down

    You can double-down on points when a player in your lineup is also on your favorite franchise roster. You get extra points added to your weekly total when those players score.

  • Join the League of Champions

    Each franchise will have one $5K winner – for a total of 12 winners.

  • Compete Against Your Huddle

    Your lineup competes against other entrants in your huddle for the season’s highest points for a $5,000 cash prize. Ties will be broken by the highest single week scoring output.

Now That You Know the Game… Do YOU Have What It Takes to Become a Legend?

Prize Distributions

MVP Awarded Per Team


At the end of the season, the league will award an “MVP” from each of the 12 teams with $5,000 cash for achieving the highest season-long score.

Top Three Awarded League Wide


Are you among the top scorers in the league? The players with the first, second and third highest league-wide scores will win an additional $9,000, $4,500 and $1,500, respectively. That’s a total of $15,000 in additional prizes!

The Tiers Format

  • There are 8 tiers in total.
  • Each tier is made up of 12 players from across the NFL
  • You choose 1 player per tier
  • The players within each tier will vary week-to-week
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